How to Backup and Restore Emails in Roundcube?

Follow the steps below to perform the backup and restore process in Roundcube web interface

1) Login to your cPanel webmail using Roundcube web interface.

2) To backup emails to your local computer, select the required email and click on the ‘More’ icon from the taskbar.


3) Select the ‘Download (.eml) ‘option from the dropdown list and specify the location to save the emails



The backup process has been completed now.

4) To import the emails you have downloaded, click on the Gear icon and choose the ‘Import messages‘ option.

5) A new window will be opened. Here you can choose the backup file you wish to be imported from the ‘Choose Files’ option. After selecting the backup file, click the ‘Upload’ button.



Once it has been completed, you will get a notification message that ‘Successfully imported 1 message


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