Office Online Integration

You can view and edit your Microsoft Office documents with your team at the same time in the Cloud Drive Web Client by enabling Office Online integration.

Activate Office Online Admin to login to Web Client 
- Go to ACCOUNT on the vertical left menu > turn on ACTIVATE OFFICE ONLINE

How to use: 
- End-users may preview and edit any Office documents by clicking an office file in the Web Client. A new tab opens in the browser.
- Click the blue EDIT in Browser around the right corner for Word document (Excel files > "EDIT ANYWAY"). 
- Starts editing. 

- Document is saved automatically. You can see task status just below the URL bar
- You cannot RENAME the document in Web Client. Rename the file in Share List if need be after editing the document
- To end editing, close the Office tab 
- Take note of your Office versions and format. Web Client format extension is the latest - .docx, .xlsx, .pptx etc
- You can only perform collaboration in WEB CLIENT (not on the local device)

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