Configure Calendar in Outlook with CalDAV Synchronizer

In this article we explain how to set up Outlook to sync your cPanel calendars using Outlook CalDav Synchronizer.

1. Download outlook CalDev synchronizer - To sync your calendar you will need to download and install Outlook CalDav Synchronizer, a free Outlook Plugin which adds support for synchronising events, tasks and contacts between Outlook and cPanel.please close and reopen after installing

2. Open Outlook and click the CalDav Syncronizer tab

3. Click Syncronization Profiles

4. Click + to add a new profile

5. Select Generic CalDAV/CardDAV and click OK

6. Click Test or discover settings and click OK in the pop-up window.

7. Click OK to save.

Your calendar is now set up in Outlook. Any changes you make will be synced automatically every 30 minutes

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